• Ciao, I'm Andrea.

    Enter the matrix and feel connected. Ready?

  • "A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary,

    whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent

    will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.​"

    [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]

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  • Checklist

    My personal list of things I accomplished and am planning to accomplish.

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    Travel around the world and meet new cultures

    Checked and in progress. I visited:

    • United States: Seattle, New York City
    • United Kingdom: London
    • Spain: A Coruña, Malaga, Sevilla
    • Israel: Tel Aviv
    • Greece: Crete
    • Italy: Verona
    • Sweden: Stockholm
    • France: Paris
    • Portugal: Lisbon
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    Be an International Keynote Speaker

    Checked! In 2018 I had the honor to be the key speaker for the Israeli eCommerce Conference Go eCommerce! Check out my speech below.

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    Be a Chairman

    As Chairman / Master of Ceremony for the very first Swedish edition of the Boutique eCommerce Conference Savant in Stockholm (September 18th 2018), I was in charge of moderating, introducing guests, doing opening speeches and closing remarks, engaging with the audience and pose challenging questions to the Sr. leaders who attended the conference.

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